Mykonos & Athens

Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Traveling to Greece has been on the top of my travel list for a long time! My friend Hannah and I are both studying abroad this semester (Hannah in London and I'm in Paris) and decided to go on a girls trip to Mykonos and Athens. We started off our vacation out in Mykonos and let me just say, Mykonos is absolutely surreal. Everything is clean and white with accents of bright happy colors. Hannah and I pretty much walked the entire day exploring the tiny streets and shops. Eating our octopus lunch right on the bright blue water was spectacular. Both of us couldn't stop smiling and saying "omg we are really here". It was off-season which turned out to be nice because there weren't many tourist so we felt like we had the whole island to ourselves. Being on a non-stop photoshoot this was quite ideal. We will most definitely be back! Next was Athens, the home of the Acropolis. Similarly to Mykonos, Han and I did lots of walking and roaming around. We were not on any schedule so our trip was extremely relaxed. The first big landmark we went to was the Panathenaic Stadium which was so cool and so big! The marble made the whole stadium feel so elegant. However, nothing in Athens compared to the Acropolis... Walking up the Acropolis Hannah and I got a little lost but we stubbled upon an adorable area with a few beautiful houses. The Acropolis was breathtaking because you can really feel the history. The ruins are still so intact it is shocking. By the time we made it up the selfie-stick was taken out (yes we did that). In a cloud of happiness and laugher, Hannah and I walked around the top of the Acropolis taking in the views. Our Greece trip was one to remember; full of smiles, giggles, and Mama Mia songs. Enjoy our Greece photo diary.


Chloé Akari 

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