Rhyming with Orange

Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"Rhyming with Orange" is my latest editorial photo series featuring Allee Struve. These past few months I have had an unexplainable magnetic attraction to the color orange. I found the inspiration for this photoshoot in a singular color, orange. When curating and styling this shoot I focused less on accessorizing and more on accentuating shape, hence the minimal amount of garments. One of my favorite, if not my favorite, places to shoot is along Lake Michigan. It is where the vibrancy of the city comes alive. The color orange represents happiness, strength, and rejuvenation. I wish everyone a calming and recharging rest of the summer. 


-Chloé Akari

Photographer: Chloé Akari
Location: Montrose Harbor, Chicago
Model: Allee Struve

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