Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2016

The other week Isolda Brazil showcased their Resort 2017 collection on the rooftop of Hotel Hugo hosted by CREO Consulting. When entering the rooftop vibrant fruits and lush palm leaves transported me out of the concrete jungle and into a summery paradise. To enhance the dreamy experience, Brazilian singer Alexia Bontempo preformed throughout the evening. The seven models gracefully danced and posed in the gorgeous Isolda pieces. The collection was heavily inspired by Brazilian culture. All of the prints from the collection were created in watercolor first and then transformed into stunning fabrics. The presentation and collection was unbelievable! I am beyond thrilled to have been part of the evening. Enjoy the beautiful collection! 


-Chloé Akari

Location: Hotel Hugo, NYC 
Photography: Allaire Bartel 

My three lovely bosses from CREO Consulting: Giovanna, Camila, and Cloclo!

The amazing Isolda designers, Juju and Maya!

Hannah and I having a moment over the beautiful collection. 

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