A Sleepless Summer

Posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hello Hello! 
The other day Shannon and I grabbed brunch at Cafe Clover. We enjoyed our eggs dining al fresco (my fave). The whole vibe of the restaurant was very clean and chic. Cafe Clover will definitely be added to my "faves list" for brunch spots in NYC. After brunch we stubbled upon a blue garage door that basically screamed "photo op!" My outfit was inspired by the city in the summer. This look can go from day to night and is extremely comfortable. Working the 10-6pm days really taught me to dress for the day, not just pre-dinner. I chose to wear my sneakers because they are honestly the best shoe. Summertime in NYC has been so fun with my overloaded schedule and infinite options. I can't wait to continue the adventure! There is so much more to come, just wait ;) 


-Chloé Akari 

Location: Outside of Cafe Clover, NYC
Photography: Shannon Galiotto 
My Look: TopShop top, Balenciaga handbag, Missguided skirt, and Adidas sneakers. 

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