Livestrong and Egg-straordinarily

Posted on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy holidays and to my fellow college peers, yay finals are over! After days of straight studying, my friends and I decided to take a study break and head downtown. We decided to take an adventure and go to the Kate Werble Gallery to see Christopher Chiappa's Livestrong exhibit. When entering the gallery we made sure to watch where we were walking because there were fried eggs everywhere. When standing in the middle of the room surrounded by the eggs there was an overwhelming feeling that was evoked for me. It is interesting because a fried egg is a familiar everyday object but is out of place on the walls and the ground. Each of the eggs are handmade and made in batches by Christopher Chiappa in his studio in Long Island. He explains the exhibit as an “infestation: cheerful on the surface, with something spreading underneath.” I decided to wear black and white to this exhibit to contrast the saturated yellow yolks. I mixed a few new pieces of mine with some old ones. If you are visiting New York or live in New York, I recommend going to see the exhibit. 


-Chloé Akari

Photography: Hannah Yoo
My look: Prada fur vest, Uniqlo long sleeve, skirt, Members Only jacket, and Steve Madden boots. 

  1. Love how cool and quirky this exhibition looks! We also really like your monochrome look and how you have mixed a bunch of textures with your outfit - have a happy new year :)
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