Stay Chic While Studying

Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hello and happy fall!
Since I have been in school since early September, I thought it was only necessary that I show some of my "college style". My school style verses my out of class style is not much different. When I put together my outfit in the morning I take into account the weather, the amount of classes I have, and my tasks for the day. Weather is the most obvious because that is the ultimate outfit decider. The number of classes and tasks then decide my shoe choice because I can't last all day in some of my shoes. (But is pain right?) A tip for the students around the world who spend more time in the library then they would like to admit... If you wear something that you feel good in you will be more inclined to get your work done. So ditch the sweatpants along with procrastination! As the weather here in New York changes the colors do as well. My campus is even more stunning right now because of all the trees changing color; I love it! 


-Chloé Akari

 Photography: Hannah Yoo 
Location: Barnard College- Columbia University 

My look: Uniqlo T-shirt, H&M skirt, HUE tights, Sisley backpack, and Miu Miu pointed platforms. 

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