Summer Beginnings

Posted on Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello lovelies!
It is the beginning of a wonderful summer! I could not explain to you how happy I am that it's summer! I do apologizes for my lack of posting this year or my few weeks of absence, hopefully there will be less of that in weeks to come. Ariel and I had not been to Millennium Park for quite some time, so we decided to pay it a visit. Luckily the lighting was prime! Millennium Park is such a pretty place especially this little spot where we shot. There are so many plants and flowers but then there is the lovely skyline behind all of the green, which I love. My dress is similar to the contrast between the flowers and the buildings with its print. Summer is the perfect time to do some exploring in Chicago so hopefully there will be some new shoot locations!

-Chloé Akari

My look: Aqua dress, Office platforms, Balenciaga cuff, Patch NYC skull bracelet, and American Apparel fishnet socks. 
Ariel's look: Jenni Kayne heels, and RayBan sunglasses.