Environmentally Friendly

Posted on Monday, May 19, 2014

Hello lovelies!
At my school The Environmental Club hosted an environmentally friendly fashion show. My good friend Allee modeled my pieces that I made in the photo shoot. The top that she is wearing is made from mens suit pants and the skirt she is wearing is made out of a mens white t-shirt. I know that you guys have seen these pieces up on the blog before but not together and not on lovely Allee! I loved that we shot Allee in a very nature-like setting with my bold and modern outfit. There could not have been a better contrast for the two. I want to thank Spencer Porter, who did an amazing job photographing Allee! All of these photos were taken by him minus the last picture which was taken via my iPhone. I hope you like the shoot and think green. 

-Chloé Akari

Photographer: Spencer Porter 
Location: Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, Chicago