Trill Voices Interview

Posted on Saturday, July 19, 2014

Exciting news, I was interviewed for Trill Voices! Trill Voices is a wonderful blog that presents a wide range of fashionable people. The blog focuses on self expression and identity. Trill Voices also celebrates creativity and individuality. My interview was posted a few days ago if you would like to check it out link here. I highly recommend visiting the site, it is very interesting and inspiring to read peoples stories. I hope you guys check out the site! Below is my interview!

-Chloé Akari

How would you describe your style? 
I don’t think I have one look that describes me, because my outfits definitely reflect my mood. So, depending on the day, my style changes. I’m edgy sometimes and girly another day. There is a range of designers who I admire, many of them are so different from each other. My staples are heels, rings and statement necklaces, and I also like to mismatch my earrings. I dress differently from most people and I think that’s what makes my style unique. I wear whatever I want to wear and what I feel good in. I don’t care what other people will say. 

How did you begin your involvement with fashion?
I started my blog with a friend because we were both really interested in fashion. And then, she left and I continued on blogging. I started doing photo shoots with friends, and I had fun photographing and styling them. Then I started going to events as a press agent and got invited to events, so I started blogging about the events. While attending fashion shows I was able to stand in the press pit and take photos of the pieces going down the runway. I am always so excited to see new inspiring work at fashion shows. I love fashion, so I’ll go to anything related to it in the city. The SAIC Walk fashion show is definitely my favorite event. Every year I look forward to attending because it’s amazing and always fresh. The students’ collections are incredible.

How can people stand up for their individuality?
I think you have to put your guard down and not really care what other people think. It is important to do what you want to express yourself. Find your own path and never stick to the norm of today. That way you’re not just blending in to the blob of mainstream style. You are your own person. 

My look: Dries Van Noten blouse, Forever21 skirt, Balenciaga handbag, and TopShop platforms. 

  1. great interview! nice to know things about you ;)


  2. l absolutely fell in love with your blog, following you!<3
    Make sure you also check out my blog and follow me as well.

    Love John Setrodipo

  3. Thank you Cassie and John!

    -Chloé Akari