Best of 2013

Posted on Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello everyone!
I hope that everyone had a lovely and wild 2013. It was a big year that's for sure. I think my first picture describes my year perfectly. I decided to make my "Chloé Akari 2013 un-published" in color along with some classic black and white photos. I hope you enjoy the select few that I wanted to share with you to help sum up my year. I want to really give a huge thank you to my friends, family, and readers, my supporters. I would not be able to continue my work and run this blog with out you guys. I could not be more thankful and happy to have such a great support system and team. As I look into 2014, some of my resolutions for myself are: to continue to stay focused on school and studies, post more frequently, create art more often, and keep motivated. I wish everyone a very happy, successful, and fashionable 2014! 

-Chloé Akari