Street Art and Other Pretty Things

Posted on Friday, July 26, 2013

Well, I have been having such a lovely time here in London. I have learned so much from the courses that I took (which I will post about soon!) Fashion Sketch-booking and Making Fashion. When I am not working on my projects from class I have been usually, shopping or walking around just enjoying London. Most of the pictures below are from Brick Lane, Ladurée and the Columbia Road Flower Market. This is a good blog post to show the two things that are very contrasting yet to me they somehow fit in the same category... street art/ graffiti and flowers! The street art in London is so special and detailed, I love almost all of it! I think that it is such a cool thing that it is excepted here! Flowers are pretty almost everywhere! I love flower markets and the delicate beauty of them. Enjoy my pictures and get excited for my next post! I had a sick photoshoot with one of my classmates!

-Chloé Akari