Burberry Party and La Femme Jaws

Posted on Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hey guys, 
I had a very busy week! Here are two events that I went to- On Tuesday I went to a Burberry Party at the Burberry store! It was to preview the Fall and Winter 2013 collection! The party was really fun and my friends and I had a great time looking at the beautiful clothes. My favorite piece in the collection was this amazing black trench coat with python sleeves. It was so sleek and detailed but yet minimal. I then on Friday went to the opening of the shirt/ graphic that I designed. The program I have been working with is called Hive Fashion. I named my design "La Femme Jaws", since it has shark teeth with women's lips. I had a great time promoting and selling my shirts at the event! I had my two good friends Allee and Lena model the shirts for me. I hope you enjoy!

-Chloé Akari