The Boats

Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hey guys!
Lena, Dora and I went on a little adventure last weekend. The private lifeguard boat was fun.. We were totally allowed to do that right? Well, anyway Dora looked pretty sick in that lifeguard boat. My little sis got that tiger dress for her birthday and I thought it would look great in a shoot! Also the dress I am wearing is yet another great shapeless mock dress, that I love. We were also invited on to another private dock to take some more shots. We got many different locations all in one photo shoot to spice it up for a change. So that time as come around... FINALS.. Yes it is a sad/ happy moment knowing I am so close to school ending but finals are finals. They are never fun. I am hoping that I wont disappoint you next week and post on time! Enjoy the start of almost summer! 

Dora's outfit: Reverse tiger dress and Denna and Ozzy heels.
Chloé's outfit (me): Motel dress and Y.R.U creepers.
Lena's outfit: Lulu lemon shirt, H&M bug necklace, and Jon Josef loafers. 
Stylist: Chloé Akari
Photographers and Models: Chloé, Dora and Lena