Eric Raisina Haute Texture

Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hey guys,
As you can see I am back from my wondrous travels! As a conclusion to my trip I would like to show you Eric Raisina. He is a fashion and textile designer who is based in Cambodia. Eric spent hours with me, showing me around his studio and private sales store. He taught me many things about the process of his fabrics and what the end result would look like. His work is truly amazing and all hand sewn in Cambodia right at his studio. He uses silk most of the time, but all of this fabrics are stunning. There are so many details in many of his pieces that are amazing, all hand sewn. I really enjoyed meeting Eric and having the chance to see his beautiful studio. A special thanks to Kipling and Clark for the introduction! Enjoy the beautiful clothes! 

-Chloé Akari

 This is my favorite dress of his!