Hive Fashion: Styling Event

Posted on Friday, January 18, 2013

Hello, the time has come. FINALS... I am sorry for not posting last week but I have had so much going on! Anyways, earlier this week on Monday night I went to a Hive Fashion event. I have been working with the Hive Fashion program every week lead by Cheryl Pope and Avri Coleman. Hive Fashion is about bringing the youth interested in fashion together, teaching new, innovating and fresh knowledge. Every week we learn about something new and have a project each meeting. There are three separate groups that one could have applied for Curator of Style, Documentarian, and lastly the one I am on, Designer. This event was a styling challenge, there was a pile of clothes in the middle of the room and we had to pick from it and get draping! My group worked well together using: a inside out blouse (conveniently having perfect ruffles on the shoulders!), a upside down skirt, black fabric, triangular shaped piece of black foam, a hood from a winter coat, two paper napkins and other scraps of fabric. The only thing we needed to complete this look was a pair of creepers or platforms of some sort! I had a lot of fun styling this outfit with my friend from my SAIC fall class Maria! Also our model Ube did a great job, thank you Ube! I hope you enjoy this styled up look! 

-Chloé Akari

Location: Chicago, Hive Fashion 
Model: Ube 
Stylists: Maria and Chloé Akari
Photographer: Chloé Akari and Avri Coleman