California Gold

Posted on Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I can not apologize more about my lack of posting this week but I have had so much work lately and finals are coming up so don't kill me! I went to Santa Barbra, California over break and had the best time not doing much. Every day I went to the beach and slept in it was great. Danielle and I also went paddle boarding a lot, hence the wetsuit. The only thing that was bad was that I got sick along with everyone else I know. The pictures I have here for you today are fisheye film, I got a fisheye film camera for Christmas! More presents will be shown in up and coming posts! Also this gold head is something I made on the last day I was there. I hand painted it gold and stuck everything else on with hot glue. I had fun doing that with my sister and grandmother. On the top of her head she has a crown of toys ranging from legos, horses, and a barbie. I like her and hope you guys like her too! I would love any feedback you have! This post is not fashiony at all I realize and I'm sorry about that but I did not do a photo shoot but will be posting/ doing one soon so stay tuned! I hope you enjoy my art and new photography! 

-Chloé Akari