Cyber Black

Posted on Friday, February 1, 2013

Hey guys!
It has finally been snowing here in Chicago! 
My friend Eve texted me asking to be the photographer in one of my blog posts. 
She also was practicing for her photo class.
I wanted to show and style up some new items that I have added to my closet recently.
If you spied with your little eyes then you saw my new creepers! I found them in California over break!
I also have found a few more gems, floral knee high socks, plum lipstick, and a bug necklace. 
I am very much enjoying my new finds.
Sarah, Eve and I had a great time together in the freezing cold!
-Chloé Akari

Stylist: myself 
Photographer: Eve
Location: Skate Park

  1. That lip coulor is perfect violate!
    Your hair is long and pretty.

  2. You would name this after your lip stick color lol
    love it

  3. Thank you Anonymous and Sarah! Thanks for modeling with me Sarah and running through the freezing rain/snow!
    -Chloé Akari

  4. that lipstick looks so lovely on you!
    great outfit :D

    X Jenny

  5. Black honestly is the best color ever!

  6. Thanks Jenny and Tallia!
    -Chloé Akari