The White TEE Skirt

Posted on Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hello my lovelies! 
This was part of my SAIC collection but here are some better pictures for you all! For this piece my whole class and I started off with a basic white t-shirt and it was suppose to be a self portrait. To be honest this one took a lot of brain juice to wrap my mind around what exactly I thought would say "Chloé". My immediate reaction was to turn the t-shirt inside out, so the raw seems were exposed. Originally I thought that I was going to be making another form of a top. After thinking about it till the next class (a week) I decided to make a skirt. "Chloé" wears a skirt almost everyday. That was one way that the design would speak "Chloé". I then began to drape more and made little pleats under the pocket (or sleeve of the shirt). The pretty soft pleats with the hard thick zipper are again very "Chloé". I love a range of styles from my pink ruffly tutu-esk skirt to my all black drapey outfits, it all is pulled together somehow as a "Chloé" look. So here is the skirt/ shirt/ portrait. 
The White T-Skirt.
-Chloé Akari

The Start:

La Fin: