SAIC Collection 2012: Chloé Akari

Posted on Friday, December 21, 2012

Well, well, well! 
School is finally over and now we start break! Anyways! I have been taking a course at the SAIC this fall and winter taught by Cheryl Pope. We made two different looks during the course. For our first project we were given a plain white T-shirt and the task to create a self portrait. We draped for quite some time and then I decided to finally after a million tries to make a skirt. Yes, a skirt. As you can see below it turned out pretty cool and it is very wearable. I was inspired by this black and white picture of a woman putting on makeup. It was soft but a powerful picture. I promise there will be more pictures of this look soon! Then our second piece was made from a mens suit. I decided to make the mens pants a top and the jacket a skirt. I think that this look that I made is a bold and strong look. Maddie looks like she is fierce and almost warrior-like. I had such a fun time in my class and loved creating from the interesting challenges. The runway show was in the SAIC ballroom which is a really lovely place! It went very smoothly and there was no mishaps on the runway which was a super +. Maddie did an amazing job modeling for me on the runway and during the photo shoot, thank you Maddie! I was so happy that seven of my great friends could come and support me, my lucky number seven... Thank you Sarah, Lena, Sonia, Allee, Ariel, Olivia and Maddie, I love you all! Special thank you to Cheryl Pope (the best teacher). I hope you can enjoy my pictures and designs! 
-Chloé Akari

Location: The School of the Art Institute Chicago 
Runway Photographers: Lena and Auntie Margret 
Photo shoot Photographer: Chloé Akari
Designer: Chloé Akari