Sunset Bridge

Posted on Thursday, December 6, 2012

This was a while ago but it is honestly one of my favorite shoots with Sarah! As I have mentioned in the past.. Cara Delevingne is my favorite model. The photoshoot is a mix of skater, princessy, sequins/ sparkly things and Cara if that is possible. That is what was going through my head as I created the looks. I had been envisioning radio hats with my beaded and sequin pieces and then it all meshed together. This photo shoot was one of my more dangerous so I hope you like it because we were risk takers, all for fashion of course. The sunset that day was crazy almost like an explosion on North Ave Bridge. Sticking to my trendish thing I made sure to incorporate layering socks over our tights! I hope you like this different vibe and style! My look: Radio hat, Topshop sequin dress, Club Monaco button down shirt, Urban Outfitters tights, Jeffrey Campbell heels, Ralph Lauren socks vintage jewelry. Sarah's look: Radio hat, Forever21 dress and necklace, Vintage sequin jacket (my new love), Betsey Johnson belt, DKNY tights, Zara socks, and FHR heels.
-Chloé Akari 

Models: Sarah and Chloé
Location: North Avenue Bridge 
Photographers: Sarah and Chloé