The Dress Code Fashion Show

Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2012

This week is Chicago Fashion Week! Fashion Focus Chicago has been fun so far! I managed to get many press passes for this weeks events. I have been very busy going to many different shows, so will be seeing many pictures and shows to come! This show was called "The Dress Code" it was all student designers from The SAIC, Columbia, and The Illinois Institute of Art. Maddie and I were fortunate to sit in the front row. I had a nice time being there and met very cool and nice people. We met 6 new designers, and an awesome new blogger friend! I got a chance to see Nicole Maret again which was lovely, she is a local designer I posted about in May. I hope you enjoy this post and check in a few days for some more of fashion week!
-Chloé Akari

Maddie Bender 


 Blogger: Nicolette 

Designer and Rapper:  D-WIN

 Designer: Jasmine