Posted on Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hey guys!
I am in Barcelona! It is so pretty here and the weather is great here! I really love it, the beaches are gorgeous. Spain is not what I thought it was it is even better! There were cute little shops that I got a bunch of interesting bracelets and headbands. Many women and men made things right there in front of you which was really cool. It is a whole unique style there, more of a beachy, summery, fun, and print heavy. I am staying at a huge pretty house with some friends in Costa Brava. The backyard is very cool and has these vintage statues, which I thought would make a cool shoot. I am wearing my new lace top from Paris, leather skirt from Spain, and my Jonak shoes. My second look I am wearing the same skirt and shoes, and a leather and mesh jacket. 
Enjoy the lovely Spain.
-Chloé Akari