We Will Always Have Paris

Posted on Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oh Paris!
It has been so amazing being here! Paris is just the most amazing place! Everywhere you look it is so beautiful! J'adore all of the detailed buildings and doors, they make the city so unique. I could go on and on about how wonderful of a place it is! I went to many different places and many that were not your typical tourist destinations, which was cool. I figured out how to overlay pictures on my camera so there are a couple of pictures that have the overlay effect. I found so many cute shops that I will blog about later! I also got to practice my French which was interesting... I can not wait to go back again, it is my favorite place! 
Enjoy beautiful Paris!
-Chloé Akari

 Here is my mom and I at the Louvre.

 I am wearing my new Yumi dress, my moms Valentino hand bag and my Steve Madden cowboy boots.

 Here I am wearing my new red lens sunnies from London. 

 TopShop dress and Sam Edelman  shoes. 

 My new lace top is from Paris in a little shop in the Marais, new Jonak platforms, and American Apparel skirt.

COMME des GARÇONS: White Drama Exhibit Paris

Posted on Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey guys!
Paris has been truly wonderful, I love it so much and wish I could live here! Maybe in the future I will, hope so! Anyways.. I went to this COMME des GARÇONS exhibit called White Drama in Paris. It was great! The detail in some of the pieces were amazing!!! The only thing that drove me absolutely crazy was that all of the garments were  in these plastic domes so it was hard to get good pictures with the glare. The outfits were amazing and I hope you like them as much as I did. My favorite pieces were 1. The one with the flowers bagged up in netting with the crocheted top and broken hoop skirt underneath. 2. The one with the three hoopskirtish pieces, pieces of crocheted bits top, and with the cool head piece. 3. All of the hooded people! (Hard to explain! Look below for the first pictures) The rich material that they used was just amazing and I really love the flowery textures and crazy flower bushy looking outfits. I would for sure wear the hooded capes and jackets with the flowers on the shoulders! I love them! There is more Paris to post so be on the look out! 
-Chloé Akari