CSM London Collection 2012

Posted on Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Now that my Central Saint Martins fashion design course has ended, I have to show you my collection! The three weeks went by pretty fast, I enjoyed the course and really liked my teacher. The first week we focused on researching and finding inspiration for our collection or "brand". The second week was based on illustration, textile/ dying techniques and starting our first "deconstruction of a garment" piece. The third week was finishing our presentation books and finishing off what ever you want, (which in my case was creating another garment.) My research and inspiration was on Japanese armor, weapons, prints, structure, death traditions, golden inlay, dead flowers, and art. My first piece was constructed with a pair of black mens pants, a halter dress, a purple corset, and two green sleeves, it was not really Japanese inspired but came to me. My second look was Japanese inspired by structure and detail, it is hard to see but 90% of the garments were hand sewn. I did not use a pattern it was my own design. I am wearing the zipper and folds on the side but it also can be worn on the back. I hope you like my work!! There will be more pictures to come! Enjoy!
-Chloé Akari

All photographs taken by Eugene Yeap