Through The Secret Garden

Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hello! Hope you all are enjoying summer! Maddie and I both said our last good byes to each other last week, until London... We will meet again in August, but I will miss her like crazy!!! Well anyways the theme of this photo shoot had to do with elegance, barefoot-ness, and a hint of flowers in each outfit. I personally love when you can mix high end designer pieces with Forever21 for example. I am wearing in my first outfit a vintage Oscar De La Renta skirt with a Forever21 top, and I love them together. We went through the secret garden to find lush grasses, a fish pond, ancient ruins, and tall trees. We danced around, hopped from each stone being careful of someone close by. You have now entered our secret garden. Always click to enlarge. Enjoy!
-Chloé Akari

 Maddie is wearing a Millau dress.

I am wearing a vintage Oscar De La Renta skirt and a Forever 21 crochet top. 

I am wearing a Liberty of London tie as a belt and a Forever 21 dress.