SAIC The Walk Fashion Show 2012

Posted on Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hey Guys, Well this year I was very fortunate of having the opportunity of going to The Walk Fashion Show as a press agent for my blog! I had the best time, it was the most amazing night of my life! I had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia Rowley again, SHE took a picture of my collar that I made! She told me that she loved it, that was very exciting, she is for sure one of my idols!! I also got to meet Creatures Of The Wind, Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters!!! I love Creatures Of The Wind, very much and if you haven't watched the Vogue Fashion Fund you should because they were runners up in it! They were very nice, interesting and inspiring! I spoke to Gillion Carrara the Director of the fashion resource center at the SAIC, she was very sweet and I loved her glasses! The whole evening was wonderful! I talked to so many great fashionable people at event! I hope you enjoy the show and pictures from the party! Always Click to enlarge! -Chloé Akari
I am wearing a new skirt and collar I made, Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalks, Zanette vintage bag, my Members Only jacket, and my Press Pass.
This is me with Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters, Creatures Of The Wind!!
Here is Cynthia Rowley, I absolutely love her dress with the gold detail!!
Here is Gillion Carrara with her lovely glasses!
Here is Bill Powers and the Editor of Paper Magazine Mickey Boardman.
I thought she looked very cute with all of the colors she is wearing!
This is Nomi wearing the wonderful Alexander McQueen, I love it!
This woman is wearing a beautiful skirt from last years fashion show! 
This is such a gorgeous gown.
Such an amazing dress!!
I really loved the gray detail!
I loved the jacket on this.
I though that this look was super interesting and awesome, I loved the high neck and hoop skittish look! Juniors:
These cute pastel dresses with great detail.
Love the colors, crazy.
very interesting
I loved the collection it was so interesting and elegant.
I loved the sheer colored shirt and little shorts with suspenders so different!
I loved the different chiffons mixed!
Dark hooded
Harajuku inspired
I like this collection a lot because it is young and the colors are great!
The head pieces were so interesting, love them!
The models in this collection all had navy hair, I LOVED it!! I think that it was so cool looking!
The polkadots were adorable!
All of the fabrics were just exquisite!
I thought it was very interesting how it was mixed gender, I like all of it boys and girls, the floral print pants were my favorite!
I thought the white armor piece was so cool!
I LOVED the first little angel looking one, and the floral prints, they were all so sweet!
The fabrics were so pretty and rich!
All of these prints and fabrics are so cool!
The detail with all of the sparkle is amazing!!
I loved all of there head band/ pieces they were so girly and cute!
I loved this whole collection it was very futuristic and had great prints and interesting parts to each look.
These girls had such cute music to walk to and that really set the whole mood, I loved there bouncy curls.
This collection had very different pieces put together I loved these two skirts!
I love this collection so much!!!!! The very unique shoes and so many sparkles made the whole collection very inciting and happy!
The after party was at the Harris Theater's Rooftop Terrace, which was so cool inside!
I talk to many of the designers and models at the dinner/ party which was great!
This is Cheryl Pope wearing a super cute vintage leather jacket. She was my SAIC teacher a few years ago!

April 19th 2012 will not be forgotten, I hope you guys enjoyed the show!