LA part 1

Posted on Monday, April 9, 2012

Hey guys!!
 It is spring break for me and I am in LA!! Yesterday I went shopping down Robertson Boulevard at many stores and took pictures at my faves (got yelled at several times, worth it!). I am staying at the SLS Hotel, it is so cool everything is so different there, it is one of my favorite hotels I have been to. I have been stayed there before and loved it once again! I have been to LA so many times but I always find a new store to go to. My favorite store on Robertson was for sure "Les Habitudes" it is a big store with vintage looking pieces but they are all new and from Europe. The pieces in that store were unbelievable, I died in there. At this store I got yelled at for taking pictures but the ball gowns, corsets, and beaded wedding dresses were my favorite. It was such a cool store and felt like each and everything you touched was gold. I wish I could afford to buy anything in that store, it was just amazing!! I stopped in to Alice and Olivia and I actually am in love with what they have right now, they have such cute colors, prints and styles. It is such a happy little store with such bright colors and Dylan's Candy everywhere! Then I went in to Kitson which always has such cute clothes! I found a necklace that I LOVE, it was so cool but too expensive for what it was. They had SKULL candles and I died, I love those sooo much (who would ever burn them?)!!! Then I went to The Ivy for lunch and had a great chop salad! I was walking out and there was so many paparazzi running over to the side of the restaurant so I walked over to see what was up. Lauren Pope and Chloe Sims (two british reality tv stars from the show TOWIE) were shopping and walking down the street. I got a few shots of them and the paparazzi that was fun to see. Then continued my shopping adventure and went to LF which was a cute little Cali style boutique, I really liked the clothes in there. The only thing that I didn't care for in there was that it was a little messy for a boutique... And then there was one, Zimmermann they had the cutest shorts with black shorts with white flowers all over them, they were a little short on me but I LOVED them sooo much!!!! I wish they were a little longer, ahhh! Hope you enjoy a little clip of part 1 of my trip!! Always click to enlarge!
 -Chloé Akari 

  Les Habitudes:
Alice and Oliva:
Lauren Pope and Chloe Sims: