Fleurs et Ombré

Posted on Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello every one, my birthday was great! I got my hair dyed/ ombréd!! I got many great gifts that will be posted in future posts! I got the neon green bag as one of my lovely gifts! I had been wanting to go to the conservatory for a while and today I finally got the chance to! I was very inspired by the beautiful flowers! Ariel is wearing a top and cuff that I made. I the top is like a shell with studs on the shoulders great buttons on back and blue stitching. The cuff looks like a wrap around bow with a small skull on the side. She is also wearing Une Deux Trois skirt and Jenni Kayne heels. I am wearing my TopShop dress, Steve Madden neon bag, and Jenni Kayne heels. Here is our lovely flowery photo shoot! Enjoy, always click to enlarge! -Chloé Akari