Happy 53rd Birthday Barbie!

Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2012

In honor of Barbie's 53rd birthday, we decided to do a photo shoot that was inspired by Barbie! I love Barbie's very much, (depending on how long you have seen my old blog posts about Barbie) The clothes are mostly vintage things of my mothers. Maddies first look: Jill Stuart dress, vintage Pierre Cardin red belt, Forever 21 tights, Paolo heels, Topshop jacket and the beautiful necklace she wore, she made. Maddies 2nd look: My mothers bridesmaid dress for her wedding. My first look: MM Couture leather and lace dress, J.Crew neon pink belt and Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalks. My 2nd look: Vintage sequin dress and the same shoes, Nightwalks! I hope you enjoy this Barbie shoot! Click picture to enlarge! -Chloé Akari