Cynthia Rowley Photo shoot

Posted on Monday, February 27, 2012

Exciting News! 
I had the amazing experience of pulling garments from Cynthia Rowley! When I got the green light from corporate, it made me so happy and excited! This was my first pull from a store and professional photo shoot. I used pieces from Resort 2012 and vintage ones as well. In a few pictures you will see me with my sunglasses and camera, ready to go! I had an exceptional time during this photo shoot! I wanted my viewers to see the intro from winter to spring here in Chicago, my models are in dresses with no coats yet there are icicles and snow on the ground. The vintage pieces are my mothers from 25 years ago, I treasure them because they are all so lovely and special. Cynthia Rowley clothing has always been unique and chic and I hope I portrayed this in my photo shoot. I met Cynthia Rowley in 2009 at her lecture with Nick Cave at the Merchandise Mart (see picture below). Since then she has been such an inspiration and favorite designer of mine. Cynthia Rowley started her line right here in Chicago in the 1980's, which is one of the reasons I chose to have some of the back drops the iconic Chicago buildings. Always click to enlarge the photos! I hope you guys enjoy this shoot!
 -Chloé Akari
This is Cynthia Rowley, Maddie (one of the models) and I in 2009!