Oscar De La Renta Fall 2012 RTW

Posted on Thursday, February 16, 2012

The details on this whole piece are amazing, I love the touch of pink and all the accessories.
Here is the first outfit with his new neckline and painted or silk screened gems and pearl brooch looking things.
I love the pink fur, currently I love fur!!
This netting gown is just lovely! it is so effortless looking, yet with so much detail.
Emphasis on the rich beautiful fabric! His color choices are breathtaking.
I have noticed that many designers are using lots of prints and interesting designs.
Love this structure!
This is similar to his tassel dress from his last collection.
I love this cute little cocktail dress! The trim is adorable!!
Love this crazy netting gown!
This teal fabric is so rich and the brooch print!
Again with the print and fabric.
I am obsessed with the structure of this gown and the sleeves are adorable.
I love the crushed velvet gown it is so pretty.
Many designers have been using lots of black and white, which I love!!
This gems and jewels are so colorful and very tasteful.
I love the embroidery and pearls on the bottom!
Oscar has blown me away yet again! The detail and new ideas he uses for each collection is impeccable. Personally I prefer avant grade and not really "Ready to Wear". To me it is more of a gift to the eye to look at those type of pieces. In this collection, I see the themes of, the painted gems and brooch looking things, I love them, the colors he used for this collection was exquisite! I am in love with his very interesting neckline in a bunch of his pieces. The couture netting pieces were also fantastic! I end this post with one of his famous taffeta gowns. Enjoy!! Always click on pictures to enlarge! -Chloé Akari