The Bunny: Fifi Lapin

Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hey guys!

I am in great need to have a photoshoot! So hopefully I will be posting soon! Next week is Chicago Fashion Week, haha I am going to a few shows. I hopefully it will be cool and or fun, I'm excited. Why this post is all about bunnies is because I have kinda been obsessed with Fifi Lapin for quite some time... I have her book and love her little sketches I think they are too cute! Fifi is a fashionable bunny and blogger. She sketches great outfits from magazines and sometimes right off the runway. Bunnies are my favorite animal and how could I not be obsessed with a little bunny dressed in Chanel, Prada and oversized sunglasses! I love her outfits and little bunny friends a little to much. I got all of these pictures from her blog. I hope you find to love these adorable sketches as much as I do. 
Come back soon there will be much more coming!

-Chloé Akari

  1. Fifi Lapin illustrations are so cute. I love them all! xx

  2. I love her, 2 cute!

  3. they're so cute! I actually bought a scarf with these bunnies on and it's so cute! :)