Macy's Fashion Incubator Show

Posted on Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey guys,
I am so sorry these posts have been getting slow on the posting clock!
I had such a fun time at The Macy's Fashion Incubator Show!
It was a lovely event at my favorite location for fashion shows in Chicago, Millennium Park.
I met many wonderful and cool people!
I really enjoyed the concept of local designers and the whole Incubator Program.
Trend alert: not surprising but leather complements are the fall necessity.
I personally have been really into the color black and black outs*  
My favorite collection's were Elisabeth Smith Fashions. 
Her "thing" is the white shirt, which I LOVED! 
I want many of them they are the majority of my post!
And Miriam Cecelia her all tool white and gold dress was to die for!! 
Enjoy The Show and my favorite looks,
-Chloé Akari

I loved Lisa Marie McComb's blackout! 

*Black out= an all black outfit 
  1. This is great CHLOÉ!!! We love all of your work and would love to get to sit with you at your next fashion show!
    Much Love,
    Chloé Akari 2.

  2. wow that puffy tool dress. l.o.v.e i.t!

  3. Thank you Chloe and Anonymous! Chloe that is really sweet of you!
    -Chloé Akari

  4. Love the printed peplum dress, just gorgeous. And love all the tool dresses. I'm on the hunt for one now (something that is affordable). Thanks for leaving me a comment. Would you like to follow each other?