Fleurs et Ombré

Posted on Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello every one, my birthday was great! I got my hair dyed/ ombréd!! I got many great gifts that will be posted in future posts! I got the neon green bag as one of my lovely gifts! I had been wanting to go to the conservatory for a while and today I finally got the chance to! I was very inspired by the beautiful flowers! Ariel is wearing a top and cuff that I made. I the top is like a shell with studs on the shoulders great buttons on back and blue stitching. The cuff looks like a wrap around bow with a small skull on the side. She is also wearing Une Deux Trois skirt and Jenni Kayne heels. I am wearing my TopShop dress, Steve Madden neon bag, and Jenni Kayne heels. Here is our lovely flowery photo shoot! Enjoy, always click to enlarge! -Chloé Akari
  1. i love all the pics, my fave is #17 its sooo gorgeous.

  2. Lovely!! I love your long hair and I want a neon green bag like this :b


  3. Thank you so much Anabela and J!!!

  4. Wow your hair is beautiful!!

  5. love the bag! and the blue skirt is very adorable. very cute and the scenery of your post is very adorable

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    P.S. wanna follow each other?

  6. Crazy long hair! :D

    I love the green bag & blue skirt!!

  7. Wow, love the green bag. The scene is gorgeous!!


  8. Bella!
    Perfect hair ..in love.
    If You want I have a giveaway with 3 stunning rings(59dollars for one) in pastels color.

  9. I'm very glad you guys all love my hair! You all are so sweet!! Always come back again and visit!
    -Chloé Akari