Death Walks.....

Posted on Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hey guys!
It's the twins again matching and back in action. I have been inspired by this rose it is on my tumblr it won't let me post it on blogger but check it out on ( and I hope you will be inspired too!! I was going for a darker shoot, hard and soft concept. The ruffles and ripped tights contrast each other. The coldness in the air and the miring of the twins sets off a new story.
 Please enjoy,
-Chloé Akari

First Day of Work!!!

Posted on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hey guys!!! Today was my first day working at Frankies on The Park ( Was so excited all day to start working! When I got to the shop I got right to work, I started sorting clothes and tucking in tags. I got shown around in the back room and where extra merchandise was. My day was great!! I had lots of fun working retail. Frankies is a store for 7-20 year olds, we have really cute clothes. I love these new sweaters that just came in!! You guys should all check out the website and if you live in Chicago or are visiting defiantly come in to Frankies!! -Chloé Akari