Posted on Friday, July 15, 2011

Feather extensions has been the big thing lately. I have two of them but don't yet know how much I am in love with them, they are very cool easy to just have in your hair. You can curl and straighten them. They come in all different types of colors, widths and lengths. I think that they are cute if you have good colors with your hair color. Personal I don't think pink is they best color... I don't know why but pink hair and pink feathers are not my fave. Well enjoy your feathers!!
- Chloé

The 100th Post!

Posted on Thursday, July 14, 2011

This American Apparel chiffon skirt is one of my favorite skirts! I love it! I am wearing: American Apparel skirt, BCBG orange belt, vintage key necklace, gold head band from japan, and a white Sugarlips tank.

My friend Camila is the model here^ she is wearing: An Alice & Olivia vintage top, teal American Apparel skirt, my sisters pink tutu, and my mom's vintage black boots.

I am wearing: Betsey Johnson vintage flower top, pink ruffle tutu skirt, and my Dolce Vita nude/ pink bow shoes! I think this is a great fun look for summer!

Cami is wearing: a gray cropped tank that I made, H&M shorts, and a GAP vintage biker jacket.

I love summer!!! In every fashion magazine the keep talking about fall! We have to enjoy summer while it lasts!! I wish this summer could be a lot longer!!
Well enjoy summer!