Bill Cunningham New York

Posted on Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello guys! Well today a few hours ago I saw the documentary "Bill Cunningham New York" It was great, I saw it at the "Music Box Theater" a very old fashion theater. The film was about this fashion photographer named Bill Cunningham. He shoots on the streets of New York, to capture the latest styles on the street. He uses a film camera on everything. If he sees something interesting he takes a picture of it. He also compares the runway's looks to what women take from it and make it there own or copy the runway's. He goes to fashion shows and if they are not wearable on a women that is not a model he doesn't shoot them. He seems like a very nice guy very down to earth and doesn't care about money. He wears a blue road cleaners jacket, and he takes he bike everywhere. He is very into fashion and is very important in the fashion industry. I would love to meet him if I could because I am very in fashion and photography! Over all I think he is a really great person, very inspiring.