SAIC Fashion Show 2011

Posted on Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey guys I just saw this on May, 7th (Friday) the SAIC does a fashion show every year, this was my first time going to it. I went with my two good friends we LOVED it and we had great seats. I would like to show me my favorites, tell me what you think of them.
Chloé Akari

I love this collection because the girls look like dolls and the pieces are very detailed!
On this one I love the ruffles on the shoulders and I am dieing over these shoes!!

I love these pants and her bow on the jacket.

This one is my favorite the skirt is very couture looking yet edgy, that is what I was going for in my collection last year! I would wear this for sure! These were designed by LESYA BLYZNIOUK

This was designed by KARA MIA FENOGLIETTO, I love this because of the odd fabric and bows (I LOVE BOWS!)

I am in LOVE with this one it almost looks like it is made of paper, this one a great number, Designed By SIENNA VON KNOPKA.

This is a very thick piece looks very heavy, I like how the neck is shaped. Designed by Rose Bippen.

I thought that this was a very simple one but the hair really stood out to me i loved the wigs! Edgy and very sailor like, Designed by JACQUELINE KIM.

I love this with the chiffon and leather mix very different, lots of black and white in this show! Classic and chic! SILVIO PINTO made this he graduated from my school.

This water look was ah-mazing on the runway it was very flowy and graceful!

I love this back orange corset look! It is so elegant looking and beautiful. Designed by DAN WITTENBERG

I love these pants they are not very hard to make but they have a micro mesh look for the fabric which would be cute for the summer! Designed by GIGI GHERING.

This is really modern looking and very cool with the great silks. Designed by RYAN GOLDNER.

These ruffle and this color combination is fantastic! Loving this whole idea! Designed by ANDREA CREIGHTON

This is an odd put together I love both pieces, the spiders were a cute touch! BY ERIN PIANETTO.

Over all this whole fashion show was truly great I am excited to see more from these designers in the near future! This was a great for me to see! Let me know what you guys like, don't be shy!
Chloé Akari