Run Away Fast As You Can

Posted on Saturday, December 24, 2011

We took pictures till it rained on us. The worn out park and back ground was perfect on this foggy, erie day. These three girls ran away from there lives and danced it was the only thing that could make them happy again. The cold sharp air burned their skin, they needed to keep warm. Make sure to have some fun while you guys are on break!!! Click on images to enlarge!! Happy Holidays!!! 
-Chloé Akari
Maddie is wearing a vintage Cynthia Rowley skirt and a Michael Star black top.
She is wearing an American Apparel leotard, Forever21 skirt and tights, and pointe shoes.
This poor young girl, running away from the monsters in the forest. She danced her way to safety, through the streets and people who passed by.
Ariel is wearing American Apparel skirt, Vintage belt, Dolce Vita heels, Betsey Johnson tights, and a Aqua shirt.
She is wearing a Members Only jacket, Aritzia lace dress, and the same tights.
This little girl had an even harder time then the last. She was not a dancer, at that. She climbed fences and became tired and got cut. She crawled on the a bench for just a quick rest, lying there in the open almost waiting for someone to find her....
I am wearing a Aqua shirt and skirt, forever21 tights and hat.
I am wearing an Allsaints skirt, Hue tights, Banana Republic top, and pointe shoes.
The last girl struggled in the forest and its path leading her to fences and danger. The first girl and the last found each other and they would runaway from the awful forest and forever be young.
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  4. i love these pictures and i would love to own some of the clothes in my closet becasuse you have great taste, that the models are wearing will you please tell me what the labels are?

  5. Merry Christmas!! Thank you for saying you like my taste!! I just updated it there are all the labels!! Enjoy our shopping!!

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