Fur coats!

Posted on Thursday, October 20, 2011

I have a little obsession with fur coats at the moment!!! Sorry I haven't posted in forever!!! I am trying to keep it up but it is really hard with school and everything! xo -Chloé Akari
I want this one soooo badly!!! ^^
I also need this one too!!! My favorite color is green right now as you know!
Rachel Zoe can really pull anything off, I love her fur coat!! I need to get one soon! Enjoy fur!
  1. i would love to own one of those in my closets

    Fur jackets are like collecting pink underwear its like candy

  2. Thanks anonymous! I love them too!!!

  3. so cute omg so great makes me feel tingly and happy omg LUV LUV LUV <3

  4. those are awesome