Alexander McQueen Spring 2012

Posted on Monday, October 10, 2011

Once again the collection was exceptional! Sarah Burton amazed me, she has done a great job following in his foot steps. Look at all of the creative pieces she designed. Enjoy -Chloé Akari
This fire orange/ reddish dress is my favorite out of the whole collection, from the embroidery on the top to the fluffy, ruffles, this is just amazing with the color.
She used almost a warrior feel to the top with the head piece almost like a helmet and the armor on the top and the soft on the bottom. Love this!
I like the ruffles everywhere and the playful look in it.
This detail with the lace is insane, it is shiny and almost wet looking, then you look at the shoes! Snake skin tied ups with that heel the over all look is breath taking.
I love the pinks in this the mixed up gold and pink is great, I am loving the belt and detail in this whole look.
I love the cut outs of the little white feathery things, she looks like a swan with the long sheer train in the back.
This is so cute she looks like a flower, I really appreciate the collar and the deep neck line.
I think that the metal piece in the middle is so interesting and the dress is lace and feathers with the sheer train it is beautiful.
This this a crazy dress, it looks like shredded metal and the bodice is so pretty. I really hope you enjoyed this collection because I loved it!
  1. omg dying love sarah burton!!!!!!!! she did an amazing job!!

  2. I love this collection!!! Sarah is such s great designer!

  3. OMG MORGASM AGREEED <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 sa tingly