Oscar De La Renta Spring 2012 collection

Posted on Friday, September 16, 2011

I went to Vogue.com and looked though some collections and this Oscar De La Renta Spring 2012 collection took my breath away! The colors he used were so perfect and his fabric choices were stunning! Here are my personal favorite's from his collection. I am always so impressed with his work. He is such an icon I would love to meet him, I would die!! Just to understand how he thinks would just be so amazing! ENJOY THIS LOVELY WORK!!! -Chloé Akari
Look at this silk and the shape of the skirt, gorgeous!
The green of the skirt is so spring and the lace top is to die for! I also love how he put together the necklace.
Again with the volume of the skirt, it's killing me!!! Love it so much!!
The head piece on this is so interesting and alluring, she looks so natural and like a flower.
This yellow has such an interesting pattern on the bodice, also the long ruffles on the bottom are really cute.
I am loving this deep-V neck, it is so detailed and perfect with the floral pencil skirt.
This dress is very different from the rest, I love how he paired the dress with the belt.
AHHH THE BLUE!! This pattern on this, the simple white dress is just stunning!
I love these tassels!!!
This dress is ravishing and almost vintage looking.
Fringe is HUGE right now!!! I love how it moves on the runway, these pants also have great movement. This neon green is divine!
I would love to know what fabric this is, it almost looks like a knit or a spandex.
This ending look, she is a princess!! The detail, color and fabric choices!! I am blown away by this collection of of my favorite I have seen! The roses are such a nice touch to this gown. I hope you loved this collection as much as I did!!
  1. belles couleurs!!

  2. Oui, les couleurs sont magnifiques!!!

  3. the colors are just fab!!! great selections from the show, great work!!!

  4. This is one of my favorite collections i have ever seen!!! I also love the colors!!!

  5. I i can almost kiss the stars shining so bright!

  6. The vintage dress is to die for! adorbs!

  7. Wow!!!!
    I love that poison green colored skirt!!!
    I love how he'll pair a fitted knit top with a elaborate skirt!!! So cool!!!! I remember a few seasons back he paired a leather cropped vest with a ball gown & it looked AMAZING!!!! Loving the tassels too!!!!

  8. loved everything!! good job chloe!!