Chanel Fall Couture Collection 2011

Posted on Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here is a taste of the Chanel Fall Couture Collection 2011. I picked out my favorites out of the collection, Karl Lagerfeld really did a great job there were many interesting pieces. Enjoy, -Chloé Akari
I love that he used hot pink has a pop of color most of the pieces were gray, black, navy, and neutral colors.
This one has such a cute little jacket with those white flowers.
I love the jacket! The green jems with the silk skirt are put together very well the colors complement each other.
I am a big fan of lace, this lace dress the the different lace on the hips and sleeves are stunning.
The sleeves are my favorite part of this outfit! I don't know how much fabric Karl used for this one but it is just so different.
I love the top the beading, making it look like layering, love this.
Again he used the hot pink to really add color, I love the buttons down the middle!
One of my favorites this is so elegant with the silk laying and pleating. I love how the dress goes out at the shoulders, the hips and at the bottom. Great dress truly beautiful.
This is my friend Izzy Mozer's piece of art, I am in love with is sketch it is so perfect and stunning. I think she did a spectacular job of drawing Coco Chanel!
  1. LOVE Chanel!!!
    Just bought a Chanel jeweled cuff; will be posting photos soon!!!

  2. omg love Chanel!!! love the picks you made!! keep up the posting!

  3. thanks I love her too!!! you are so lucky that you have a cuff I want one so badly!!!
    -Chloé Akari