Blake Scott Jewels

Posted on Monday, September 12, 2011

Yesterday I got hired to be a photographer for an amazing jeweler called Blake Scott Jewelry. She sell to Fred Segal and Gilt Group. If you want to contact her email at: Here are my favorite's that I took! Enjoy this awesome jewelry!! -Chloé Akari
This cuff is my favorite!! I love the tiny pearls covering the whole thing!!!
Love this one with the red eyes!
I find this one so interesting with the snake tail!
This is just stunning!
This bracelet is so edgy with the diamond spikes love it!
This bracelet is so beautiful and elegant.
She does lots of these type of bracelets which a are so cute look at the skulls! Dieing!!!
  1. OMG I am in love!!!! The snake ring!!!

  2. Dear Chole Akari if you think you gotta see somethig different than visit
    you will love the stuff as well as the pricing as we are manufacturing unit for celebrity.

  3. Thanks royal india your jewels are very pretty!!