1st day of school and the last day of summer

Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hey guys! Well as school is starting and summer has come to the end, it has been getting colder. Time to break out the layers, long sleeves, and fall clothes! My friend asked if she could model for my blog her name is Lena. Also besides the photo shoot I had with Lena, I also had one with my friend Sarah. Sarah and I went away for the weekend together and went to a magical place, we had a great photo shoot some outfits are collaborations with Sarah and I! Her blog is http://regardingthestars.blogspot.com/ Click on pictures to enlarge blogger needs to let me make the pictures bigger sometime soon!!! Enjoy, -Chloé Akari
Here Lena is wearing a Jill Stuart black velvet dress tucked into my AllSaints skirt.
I am wearing a vintage polka dot skirt, a Fletcher knit top and Urban Outfitters heart tights.
Lena is wearing a Forever 21 lace skirt and a unknown black studded top.
I am wearing a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier sweater, black Puma shorts, Urban Outfitters heart tights, and point shoes.
I am wearing Urban Outfitter gray lace shorts, a black Arden B. top, and a BCBG necklace.
This is Sarah she is wearing a vintage looking Forever 21 skirt and a Forever 21 floral top.
This picture is one of my favorite pictures I have taken in my past I am proud of how well it turned out (note to photographers: always shoot when there not ready)
Collaboration outfit 1: H&M tights, vintage Casidy dress, and vintage boots and belt.
Always watch out when someones watching you in the woods.... Collaboration outfit 2: I am wearing Heart tights, Steve Madden shoes, Cole Hann belt, Casidy vintage dress, BCBG necklace.
  1. Love the vintage Jean Paul Gaultier sweater!!!
    Great photos!!!!
    I love Chicago in the fall!!!!

  2. Thanks!! I love it in the fall too! All of the colors!!

  3. oh hey thats me...!
    i love all these looks chlo
    amazing job as usual
    -Lena :)

  4. Thanks Lena you did a great job modeling!

  5. omg, I MISS YOU SO MUCH. this was great, and I loveeeeeee the picture of sarah with the mail box when she wasnt ready. AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU DID POINTE GIRL. i miss you i miss you i miss you. GOOD LUCK IN SCHOOL BEBEH!!
    p.s., I HAVE A NEW POSTT!! please check it out girllllll!!

  6. THANKS i know i love the picture I took!!
    i don't do point :(
    thanks good luck in school to you too!!!

  7. i love the one of you when your hunched over in your vintage Jean Paul Gaultier sweater in the ballet shoes please make that your prof pic. ALSO i love the one of sarah when you took the photo when she wasn't ready.
    love, UR NEW STALKER

  8. D-NUT!!!!!! hey chlo, so um could u send my the pics pleaseeeee??? thanks you and good post! EVERYONG GO TO MY BLOG SOON TO SEE MORE PICS FROM THIS SHOOT!!!