School is finally out

Posted on Monday, June 20, 2011

School is out but yet Chicago is still rainy and HOT! I was just in Florida and just got back the weather difference is crazy! I had a great time in Florida it was a nice relax. I am really into the crazy pattern high wasted shorts and pants. I also have been mixing very vintage things with modern clothes. I quite like it, soon I will be posting looks for the summer.
Lace and pearls! I love them together, I think its classy and fun!

Hear I am wearing a very spring outfit with my Juicy Couture rain coat, Marc Jacobs hot pink hobo bag, and light pink Hunter rain boots.
Chloé Akari
  1. i heart the lace tie thingy and the black bando or bra underneath great mix!!

  2. ya agree! you have great taste!!

  3. Thanks guys!!!! I love the summer!!

  4. Hi you look lovely and your black Tights and Rubber Boots go so well together.

  5. I haven't seen too many ladies that can make pink rain boots look cute, but you definitely pulled it off.

    Like your style.. Keep on looking fabulous!