America's Next Top Model

Posted on Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just wanted to let you know i have been an Alison fan from the very start! AND SHE LOST!!!!! I WAS SO UPSET! i know this has nothing to do with fashion but wat eve!


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Cynthia Rowley
Jill Stuart
Tory Burch
Ralph Lauren
L'ancienne (Europe designer)

Cynthia Rowely

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These are some of her collections. This is the designer that we met.

Jill Stuart!

Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chloe and I love Jill Stuart. It's so classic and timeless, but it's also very high fashion!!!! The pics above are of various ensembles from the fall 09 collection, don't you just love them???


Posted on Monday, May 11, 2009

Jumpsuits are really in right now. The problem is, it's difficult to find one that suits you and they can look tacky, so BE CAREFUL!!!!

Response to Comment About Juicy Couture and Notification

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This is one of their famous tracksuits, very comfortable and somewhat stylish.

This is a pic I got from their website, it's really cute and preppy. Unfortunately it costs $400.

I really like Juicy Couture. I agree that it is massively overpriced, but if you look in the adult section they have really cute, preppy clothes. Also the hoodies and sweats make stylish pajamas and comfy clothes. The problem is, you can only wear juicy tracksuits if you don't mind being obviously clothing brand oriented.

BTW: I'm comin' back!!! I missed this blog too much!!!