Outfit of the Day-No. 3

Posted on Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is what I wore today! A twist on the classic white tee, navy shorts, and a red belt. For shoes I wore super cute red jelly hugo boss flip flops! Yucky, I have to go to a baseball game. I've been going to WAY too many games lately.

Da Best Shoes Eva!!!

Posted on Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hey!!!! Sorry I didn't do an outfit of the day yesterday!!! It's just I was in the ER and then I went to a bulls game. I'm not going to bore you with the details of the ER. Don't get me wrong, I hate watching sports but I was with two of my best friends ever so I went anyway! Back to the point, don't you just love these boots! They're military glam, and the gold buttons are amazing, plus the patent and the chunky heel make it amazing (in my opinion at least)! My outfit was excellent yesterday just to let you know! I wore a tutu-ish high waisted skirt, a junkfood tee and converse! It was a girly tomboy look.

Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hey everyone!!! This is what I wore today. It's a cute short-sleeved cardigan with an old tank top and a tribal necklace from south africa. For years I owned that necklace and always neglected to wear it! For some reason though, I kept it. Finally I realize how it really has some potential!

Posted on Monday, April 13, 2009

Since there's a recession, people have to be careful about what they buy. It completely sucks, right??? Well, not always. Because you can't buy much, more D.I.Y!!! YAY!!! I have a project which works amazingly well right here, just keep on reading!

D.I.Y Vintage Brooches

1. Find antique buttons, (or new ones, it doesn't matter)

2. Buy brooch backs, (they're very common, a lot of people already own some, and if not you can find them at most art stores or jewelry stores.

3. Attach buttons to brooch backs using wire or string.

4. Tie multiple nots tightly around brooch back.

5. Enjoy!!!

Outfit of the Day-No. 1

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This is one of the great things I'm going to be writing about on my blog. Almost every day, I am going to post the outfit I'm wearing and information about it!

Today I'm wearing a wool sweater with a tiger tee-shirt. If you noticed I have on some gorgeous brooches. The smaller gold brooch I made out of an antique button and a brooch back. The other one is also an antique, it was made especially for a woman and her face is carved on to it.

The Beginning of the Beginning!

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This is me Madeleine! I am an aspiring fashion designer. Most of this blog will be about fashion. My friend Chloé will be joining soon! I hope you can enjoy our blog!!