Posted on Monday, December 28, 2009

It's been a lovely year for fashion. Lot's of options, you could either go for the edgy look or the eighties pychedelia look or the feminine ruffly look. With the fashion world I must say the edgy look has been most popular, all of the models choose that one and the editors. Balmain showcased a lot of the edgy look. Unfortunately, this look has been mistaken for a simple uniform, embellished ankle boots, body con mini dress, small clutch with details and motorcycle jacket. This ensemble is very flattering if your six feet tall and incredibly skinny. I must say though, I do quite like it at times even for its unoriginality. The eighties look was rarely worn by real people, slightly too out there. But it definitely was worn by some people, usual it comes across in the form of neon or metallic bodysuits, legwarmers, and highwaisted booty shorts. (if you really like this for some unimaginable reason go visit american apparel :D ) The ruffly feminine look might just have to be my favorite, Rodarte for Target is a great example of this sort of thing. Lace, silk, all very danity and delicate.This might have been the least worn look but nevertheless, the spring collections for '10 seem to have lots of fabulous examples. I'm so excited for what summer and fall and spring and winter of 2010 will hold! It's going to be brilliant!

Much love and good wishes for the New Year,

- -Chloé and Maddie

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