High fashion/ marc jacobs

Posted on Thursday, July 16, 2009

ok i am thinking of getting this beautiful Marc Jacobs bag idk which i like better! Also i just wanted 2 say what my style is! Preppy/ high fashion/ couture/ what eve i like! So thisis what i am wearing today!!!! It is True Religion shorts, a preppy button down shirt and a Rugby pink and blue bracelet.
  1. Okay, First of all this is a completely awesome blog, and I love the theme, posts, and opinions expressed inside of it.

    If I could change anything I wanted about this blog, there would only be one thing. More posts.

    I set a high standard for all the blogs I follow and this one seems perfect, but as I write this you have not posted in 12 days!

    As much as I love this blog, I think sometimes you guys need some positive reinforcement that you need to post more often!

    I really hope that I don't sound like some sort of mindless pervert, but I feel that I needed to get that message out there.


  2. Also, the green bag is much cooler in my opinion!